How I met my Japanese husband (part 2)

フィリピンのパンパンガ出身。IELTSを受験し8.5点をマーク。韓国系語学学校で1年間勤務。その後、hanasoオンライン英会話で講師、トレーナー、人事マネジャーとして5年間の経験を得たあと、マカティのPJLink英会話にてヘッドコーチ及びトレーナーとして2年間勤務。 現在はRYO英会話教室の運営とフィリピン現地駐在員の方へプライベートレッスンを提供中。

(**for our ESL viewers, check the meaning of the underlined words/phrases below!)

Hello guys! I am back! and finally the wait is over 🙂 Here is the continuation of our story



Ryo’s BIG move in 2014

We were coworkers for almost 2 years, from 2012 to 2014. In that 2 years, a good friendship / relationship was established among all of the people in the office, ourselves included.

But mid 2014, he received a job offer from a different company.

For him, the offer came perfectly. And before it came, he was already considering other options like; going back to Japan,  trying his luck in a different country, or working for a different company.

He only had one condition at the time, and that was as long as English is used, then he is good to give it a shot. And sure enough, the offer that met his condition came.

It was good and definitely worth trying. So, to make the long story short, he accepted the job.


Phrases/words used

  • give (something) a shot – to try, to make an attempt. You can also say: “give it a go”
  • to make / cut a long story short – used for saying that you will tell the end or the main point of a story without giving all the details




Goodbye for now

We had our farewell party for him. We were all saddened by his decision but at the same time proud and happy for his big move. 🙁 🙂

During the farewell party, he had quite a few drinks and he made a pass at me (oh oh.. no..no). I’ve seen him drunk so many times but that was the first time he did that.

Because he was my good friend, I took it as a joke and laughed it off.  The next day at work, he apologized for doing such and told me not to take it seriously (awkward!! what a jerk) haha.

I was actually hoping that he wouldn’t remember what he said and did, but to my dismay he brought it up and apologized.

I quickly brushed it off and said “No! No! that’s nothing”



Phrases/words used

  • make a pass at (someone) – to flirt
  • laugh (something) off – to laugh at something to make it seem less important or serious
  • awkward – uncomfortable
  • jerk- foolish or annoying person
  • to (one’s) dismay – dismay means sorrow, sadness, or distress. To my means “causing me”
  • bring (something) up – mention
  • brush (something) off – to refuse to consider what someone says ; ignore




New career

May 2014, he left our company and started working for a new one.

On his first few weeks in his new company, he’d constantly give us updates about his new job, new friends, what his new job was like, but gradually the updates and communication stopped.



His new found freedom

Until one day, we just all heard from one of our Japanese coworkers which also happens to be Ryo’s good friend that he and his girlfriend of 2 years decided to call it quits.

To make him forget and move on, all of us reconnected with him and hang out several times as a group.

He’d contact me at first and give me the task to ask our other friends for dinner, drinks or something like that.



Phrases/words used

  • call it quits – to stop or end a romantic relationship



First date???

So how did our first “only two of us date” happen?

He messaged me one time asking if we wanted to meet up and hang out after work (of course as a group). Unfortunately, they were all unavailable that time (see how destiny works? haha).

I told him that maybe we could hang out next time since they were all busy and had prior commitments. He then asked me if I were busy, and if I wanted to have dinner with him that night.

My reaction?? haha

But at the back of my mind, I thought “why not?” we’re good friends anyway!

So I went for dinner with him! It was actually more fun than I was expecting. We talked about a lot of things and somehow got to know each other on a different level.

So, one date led to two and two led to another.  With all those “dates”, we’ve never even once talked about “us”.

We talked about deep stuff like future plans, dreams, goals, family, past experiences and learnings and things like that. In the same way, we also had “shallow and not-so-deep” conversation about topics such as girl/s he was going out with (such a playboy! haha). Also,

I asked him advice about “this boy” I was seeing. So, in other words, despite the numerous “dates”, we remained only friends, nothing more.. nothing less.

And I am sure that both of us were already pretty much happy with that and were not looking for more.

That’s it for now guys!! See you again next time. 🙂



Phrases/words used

  • hang out- spend time together
  • at the back of (one’s) mind- if something is at the back of your mind, you are thinking about something but perhaps you don’t completely realize it.
  • in other words – used for introducing another way of saying especially a more simple way
  • nothing more nothing less – an expression that mean “that’s basically it” nothing more than that and nothing less than that.




Photos with his “then” coworkers




To be continued…







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